We'll un-stick you.

Stuck? Welcome to the club. We’re all stuck to some extent, but are you REALLY stuck to the point where it’s literally awful? Many coaches and trainers, etc., will tell you the best indicator is your monthly numbers, but while that’s certainly important, it’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. (Look at it this way: Are you healthy just because your blood pressure might be normal?)

We’ve worked with a huge number of successful professionals who were really stuck, even though they were hitting their numbers month after month. Some of these folks wanted to be making double what they were earning. Some were stuck working way too hard. And some were stuck because they were scared to try anything different that might take them to the next level (“the devil you know…” vs “the devil you don’t,” for example).

Which one of these categories/feelings might you identify with?

  • Not reliably hitting your numbers. (Fear/Anxiety/Dread/Frustration)
  • Hitting your numbers almost all the time, but not all the time by any means. (Struggling / Exhaustion)
  • Hitting your numbers but wanting much, much more. (Frustration / Hopelessness)
  • Growing your numbers, but not pleased with your progress. (Self-criticism / Feeling that you’re “lazy”/ Impatience / Overambitious)
  • It could be that maybe you’re stuck with your life outside of work:
    • boredom
    • emotional unfulfillment or disconnection
    • no time for
      • family
      • relaxation
      • spiritual pursuits
      • sports/recreation/physical fitness
      • the “fun” things in life

At Optimum Business Development, we “un-stick” people all the time. Imagine you’re at the mercy of a voodoo doll and needles keep being thrust into it, but you don’t know who or why. All you feel is pain but you’re powerless to do anything about it. We’ll take the time and have the expertise to find out all about your voodoo doll.

So right now, we invite you to take the initiative to break out of being stuck by filling out this quick contact form to find out how we might be of help. Sometimes, just by taking that one new action you’ll be on the way to getting un-stuck. Our promise is to have a constructive conversation with you – not to do a hard-sell. We’re sure you do the same with your clients; we respect and adhere to that philosophy and professionalism as well.